Proper Care & Maintenance For Hardwood Flooring

Logs End’s Heritage Old Growth Wood products require no special care or treatment after finishing. However, the following maintenance tips will help you ensure the lasting beauty of your floor:


  • Protect the floor from damage by utilizing felt protectors on all furniture legs. When moving heavy furniture, place a blanket or a scrap of carpet, face down, under each leg; slide carefully.
  • To minimize expansion and contraction, relative humidity in the house should be maintained at 40-55%, year round.
  • Be aware that exposure to sunlight can slightly change the shade of your floors. Rearrange your rugs and furniture periodically to avoid shades on your floors.
  • Vacuum your floor regularly and wipe up spills promptly.
  • When you need to clean your floor, use water and vinegar. In addition to being the only cleaning substance that won’t leave a residue on your floors, it’s environmentally friendly and safe for children and animals. Alternately, you can use Sunlight Bar Soap and water. You should avoid liquid soaps, which will leave behind a film that will dull your floor’s finish.