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Our Ordering and Shipping Process is Personalized and Simple.

Ordering Hardwood Samples

Our hardwood samples are approx. 12 inches x 7 inches in size and weigh around 3 lbs each. You can order any number of samples to compare at your home or office, and if you decide to place an order with us, we will fully refund the cost of your samples and related shipping fees.

Flooring samples will ship out from our showroom within 2 business days of placing your order. Delivery time may occur within 2 days in Ontario and Quebec, and may take up to 3-4 days for delivery out of the province. International orders may take 1-3 weeks to arrive.

Please call or email Logs End if you have any questions about ordering hardwood flooring samples.

Time is on your side.

Most of our lumber has waited hundreds of years to become a part of someone’s home, so you should feel free to take your time in choosing the wood that’s right for you. (The Our Wood section of this website is a good place to start.)

We would also be happy to arrange a personal consultation at our showroom or visit your home with flooring samples. We will take measurements of the areas you’d like to cover and provide you with an estimate, completely free of charge. Just call or email to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Consider the lead time.

Lead times for orders vary depending on the species of wood you choose, the quantity, the width and type of finish desired.

Many unfinished orders can be completed within two to three weeks. Pre-finished floors typically take at least three weeks to prepare. To be safe, we recommend you allow four to six weeks lead time.

You should also consider how your floor installation will coordinate with other aspects of your renovation project, and how much time you will need to prepare the site. We recommend you arrange to have your order arrive at your home 7-14 days prior to installation for unfinished woods, and 5-7 days for pre-finished woods.

Learn more about installation lead times.

Pickup or delivery?

If you choose to pick up your order when it’s ready, you can do so at our mill. For orders under 300 square feet, we can offer a pickup option at our Ottawa showroom facility. You can find the locations of both here.

We deliver anywhere within 200km of Ottawa. If you choose delivery, your order will arrive on a Logs End truck and trailer, and our driver will assist in unloading the material and bringing it into your home, as required and requested.

Outside the 200km radius, we will arrange delivery for your order. In general, orders ship on a 53’ transport truck. If your property does not have access and/or room for such a large truck, let us know, and we will arrange to deliver your order ourselves, in a smaller truck.

Feel free to talk to us about your delivery, and make us aware of any special requirements you may have. In many cases, we are able to arrange to deliver orders ourselves, even outside the 200km radius, to ensure your satisfaction.

For all deliveries outside the Ottawa area, one to two people will be required to unload the truck, as the driver will not be able to assist. Your location will impact delivery time; the earlier in the process you can provide your delivery address, the sooner we can provide an estimated time of arrival.

The fee for delivery is determined based on the distance and the total square footage of your order. Your sales representative will discuss all delivery arrangements and costs with you in advance.

Payment options

Many people assume that wide plank flooring is a luxury product, with prices to match. But in reality, our prices are very competitive and, depending on product and width, our prices are often better than the competition.

While there is a premium for wider-plank reclaimed wood, we encourage our customers to compare our products and prices to that of other suppliers. We’re very confident that when you consider what our floors offer – their unparalleled beauty, unique history, custom widths, lengths and finishing options and environmental benefits – the choice will be clear.

Many of our customers choose to order to lock in their pricing a couple of months before they require their flooring. Upon order, we take a 50% deposit. This can be made on a Visa or Mastercard, or using debit or a cheque. The balance of the order is payable on the day of pickup or delivery.

Logs End Return Policy

Because Logs End custom mills everything to order, we have a no returns policy and generally won’t accept any returns unless the material is defective or uninstallable.

Limited Warranty – UV Oil Finished Flooring

limited warranty for uv oil hardwood floors

Installation Over Radiant Heat Guide (Glue Down)

Care & Cleaning Guide for UV Oil Finished Flooring

Care and Cleaning Guide - UV Oil Hardwood Flooring

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