Hardwood Flooring Warranty

Structural / Manufacturing Warranty

Logs End warrants its products, in their original manufactured condition, to be free from defects in milling, drying and grading. Structural/Manufacturing warranty means that the product will remain free from milling and grading defects for 20 years.

Damages due to improper transportation, storage, installation or other cause are not covered under this Warranty. Product quality variation that does not exceed 5% is industry standard and is not considered as a factory defect. Products sold as waste, seconds or “as is” are not covered by this warranty.

Logs End responsibility is limited to the replacement (material only) of defective products in excess of 5% norm.


Owner & installer inspections

Logs End flooring is manufactured to exceed established industry quality standard that permit a defect tolerance and grading variance up to 5%. Each and every piece of flooring is subject to scrupulous mill inspection. However final pre-installation approval has to be done by owner and installer.

Each piece must be inspected before installation. Do not install planks with doubtful or noticeable defects if you cannot cut off imperfections. All flooring planks have a natural variation in color and grains, but if you consider these planks out of the color or tone range you expected just install them at the corner or along the walls. It will make your floor look more even.

Once nailed down, the plank is considered accepted. Logs End responsibility is limited to the replacement (material only) of defective products in excess of 5% norm.


Humidity and temperature

Wood Flooring, being a natural product, will continue to expand and contract through heating and non heating seasons. Properly installed wood floors may consequently experience some separation between boards at different times during the year.

To limit the amount of acceptable expansion and contraction, it is important to maintain relative humidity in a home as constant as possible (between 40%-50%). Use a humidifier or dehumidifier, as appropriate.

Temperature in a home should range between 18° – 22°C.

We reserve the right to verify any claims of defects in inspection and have samples removed for technical analysis.

Logs End Inc. is not responsible for extra or incidental costs that occur in replacement or repair of the defective product. Logs End Inc. will only cover the cost of the product that is being installed to replace the defective product.


The Warranty does not cover:

  • indentations, scratches or damages caused by negligence, water, wet mopping, erosion, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, spike-heeled shoes, insects, pets, misuse, abuse accidents, extreme environmental conditions and/or lack of preventive measures or improper protections;
  • natural wood characteristics such as variations, grain, color mineral streaks, and knots, which are not considered defects;
  • finish fading that results from normal wear;
  • gloss reductions, which are not considered surface wear;
  • changes in shading of the floor due to normal sunlight exposure over time; or
  • damage due to improper humidification.

Limited Warranty – UV Oil Finished Flooring

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