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French Cut Euro Oak
Is The Most Sought-After Wood Flooring


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Rift & quarter sawn white oak is one of the most sought-after woods for flooring in design and architecture. Its unique medullary ray and flecking patterns are of unparalleled beauty and the specialized cut of the wood ensures superior stability as it will only shrink in thickness.

French cut is a variation of live sawn cutting, where the log is cut straight through with each cut parallel to the last. This leaves a mix of plain, quarter, and rift sawn woods (about a third of each). In French cutting, the first and last few boards are removed to eliminate the plain sawn portion, leaving only a mix of quarter sawn and rift sawn wood.

This wood is then engineered for further stability and also to broaden its range of applications. Engineering wood makes it compatible with concrete and radiant heat flooring, increasing its potential for use in multiple settings.

Logs End: One-Of-A-Kind Wood Floors

Logs End flooring offers one-of-a-kind, engineered French Cut Oak flooring in 7½” width planks with superior long lengths. This unique material comes in a 5/8” thickness with a 4mm wear-layer to ensure multiple re-finishes. Flooring comes pre-oiled in a wide variety of stain colours as well as custom colour matching services. This line is offered only in a Character grade, with wire-brushing options available.

The natural oils used to pre-finish these floors are specially designed to compliment the age-old European beauty of French Cut wood. They are 100% environmentally sustainable (containing 0 VOCs) and unlike standard polyurethane finishes, can be easily touched up and repaired. The oil bonds molecularly with the wood making it more durable, not to mention more beautiful with time as continued use brings out the natural patina of the wood.

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