From rustic charm to organic eco-chic,
add a piece of history to your home or office
with reclaimed barn board.

Reclaimed Barn Board for Sale


Early settlers were welcomed to Canada by a rugged terrain, marked by expansive virgin forests. As the pioneers cleared the land to build their homesteads and barns, they felled these old first growth trees. Barn siding, rafters, structural members and doors were typically milled from Canadian pine, spruce, and hemlock. The strong, dense logs were hand-hewn with basics tools and joined by mortise, tenon notches and wooden dowels.

Having stood the test of time, reclaimed barnboard and beams are rich in history and farmland heritage. Fully upcycled and 100% sustainable, no two pieces of are alike. The deep colours, grain patterns, notches and imperfections add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project.

From wall panelling and backsplashes, to table tops, garden arbours and accents, recovered barnboard is a diverse medium that can be used in a variety of applications. Authentically vintage, recovered responsibly from old barns, Logs End Reclaimed Barnboard is a natural product with no stains or treatments. Whether used in a cottage or modern home, reclaimed barnboard brings the past into the present and future.

Contact us about our barn board and barnboard beam products by calling 613 831-9333 or come in and visit our showroom at 66 Iber Rd in Stittsville/Ottawa.


Barn Beam Mantles and Barn Board Tables for Sale


Add a piece of history to your home or office with a Logs End reclaimed barn beam mantel. Salvaged from locations across Eastern Ontario and Quebec, our barn beams and timbers range from decades to century old. Naturally weathered, we work hard to preserve the unique characteristics of the aged wood: growth rings, hand tooling scars, axe marks, even nail, peg or mortise holes.


From rustic charm to organic eco-chic, a salvaged beam mantel can enhance your home or office with a one-of-a-kind artistic piece. We custom cut, clean and finish each mantel to client specification, allowing the rich patinas and hand hewn distressing to tell its story.


Whether you are installing a new fireplace or updating an existing mantel, the team at Logs End welcomes the occasion to bring a piece of the past into the present. We have a vast inventory on hand, allowing you to select the best beam or timber to match your space, style and décor.

Contact us about our barn board and barn beam wood products by calling 613-831-9333 or come in and visit our showroom at 66 Iber Rd in Stittsville

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