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Logs End offers all of their wood flooring products both unfinished and pre-finished, including our engineered flooring products.

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From the ashes comes beauty

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive beetle. While many find the beetle beautiful (children especially love its shimmering metallic look), it is highly destructive and has led to the downfall of all species of ash trees. In Canada, and North America as a whole,...

Logs End French Cut White Oak

Rift & quarter sawn white oak is one of the most sought-after woods for flooring in design and architecture. Its unique medullary ray and flecking patterns are of unparalleled beauty and the specialized cut of the wood ensures superior stability as it will only...

Township of McNab/Braeside Showcases Stamped Log Ends

In early September, Heather Lang, Councillor for the Township of McNab/Braeside visited the Logs End mill in Bristol Mines.  Visited Logs End at Bristol Mines yesterday morning (Andy Kalnins came along) to meet Gord Black. Gord is donating a few stamped logs end for...

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