It is time to dispel the myth that oak is really only suited to rural homes or cottage property. Case in point – this recently finished project on Second Avenue in the Glebe. This home features the Logs End White Oak Collection in a 5″ width. It was finished with a UV stain in the stunning “Smoke” colour and features wire-brushing for added definition.

So forget about all those oak = country chic notions. The reality is wood flooring, regardless of the species, can offer a timeless appeal based on the application, colour selection, and finishing techniques. Modern, rustic, contemporary, shabby chic, traditional, mid-century… the possibilities are endless!

Logs End has a long-standing history of offering Canadians eco-friendly hardwood flooring and timber products. If you are considering wood floors in your next building or renovation project, our team would be happy to supply samples of river-reclaimed flooring. Connect with us to book your personal consultation or visit the Logs End Showroom at 66 Iber Road in Stittsville to discover first-hand the beauty of our reclaimed wood floors.