Winter has finally arrived in Ottawa, and Logs End is thrilled to report the “Rink of Dreams” at Icelynd Skating Trails is now open!

What Is Icelynd Skating Trails? 

Derived from “Icelyn” meaning “Ruler of the Winter Storm”, Icelynd Skating Trails promises a magical experience. There are skating trails that wind through almost 100 acres of beautiful natural woods, providing a picturesque backdrop for a unique skating adventure. Illuminated by twinkling white string lights and natural solar lighting, Icelynd transforms into a fairy-tale setting in the evenings.

In addition to the forest trails, there are also two outdoor rinks (ODRs): the Mjolnir Construction “Coliseum”, an NHL sized Outdoor Rink and the Logs End “Rink of Dreams”, a 65’ x 180’ professionally groomed ODR that offers additional post-ice time by the cozy fire pits.

A Winter Retreat for All

Beyond skating, Icelynd offers a holistic winter retreat. Bonfires, vendors, benches, and comfy chairs round out the scenery, creating inviting spaces for families and friends to gather. As the stars twinkle overhead, the trails come alive with a serene charm, making Icelynd a place where winter memories are sure to be made.

How to Experience Icelynd? 

Book your Logs End ODR experience through Icelynd’s website. For up-to-the-minute updates on the skating trails, hours of operation and skating conditions, follow Icelynd on social media — Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Logs End is delighted to contribute to the magic of Icelynd, and we invite you to embrace the winter wonderland at the “Rink of Dreams.” Skate, relax, and create cherished moments in this enchanting setting. ❄️