In the summer of 2016, the Logs End team completed a hardwood flooring installation in the Calabogie Peaks region.

Calabogie, located in the Greater Madawaska, Renfrew Country region Situated a mere 75 kilometers away from Ottawa, the area is home to many stunning logs homes, timber homes and cottages. Best known as a ski resort town, Calabogie is also a popular recreation destination in the summer months. Residents and cottagers are treated to a wealth of fresh-air opportunities, including beachfront swimming areas, kayaking, canoeing, SUPing, golf, mountain biking and climbing.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Thanks to the rich, natural surroundings, the Logs End hardwood flooring installation in Calabogie is a perfect example of a homeowner bringing the “outside, in”. In addition, the river reclaimed wood also pays tribute to the daring log drivers who worked on the Madawaska River.

logs end river reclaimed pine calabogieElements of this project included: 

First Floor – Logs End 3 ¼” / 4 ¼” / 5 ¼” mixed width reclaimed pine. Distressed on site and finished with our English Chestnut stain.

Second Floor – Logs End 3 ¼” / 4 ¼” / 5 ¼” mixed width reclaimed pine. In this case, the wood was pre-finished in our Sienna stain.

For a unique, finishing touch – the client asked us to custom craft a hammer stamp. In a fitting tribute to the log drivers of days past, this family now has their crest hammered into the floor.

To view all the photos of the Calabogie installation, please be sure to visit us on Houzz.