Thanks to innovative and eco-conscious practices, Logs End is Canada’s leading reclaimed wood flooring company and the country’s leading supplier of historic old growth flooring.

Logs End River Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring CanadaRather than focus our business on cutting down new-growth trees, our eco-conscious team is committed to salvaging “lost” timber from the 19th-century log drive in the Eastern Ontario region. Our log recovery operations take place during the summer months on the Ottawa River, in addition to its tributaries and small lakes. For environmental protection purposes, we do not participate in river bottom dragging and machine removal of logs. Instead, our scuba divers hand secure each and every log to our boat for a return trip to the surface.

Reclaimed Wood Blends Beauty & Sustainability In Your Home

Using river-reclaimed wood in a residential or commerical space provides a way to showcase our nation’s timber-rich history, while furthering our country’s goal of improved sustainability.

Timber harvested centuries ago came from virgin forests. Its slow-growth is evident in the tight grain patterns and incomparable patina. Whether you are building the quintessential Canadian cottage, renovating a mid-century home or updating a modern urban dwelling, reclaimed hardwood can add a timeless beauty and natural elegance to any setting. Custom milled to your specific design requirements, our floors are readily offered in a variety of widths from 3.25″ to 9″, with lengths ranging from 2′ to 8′. Many of our clients love the opportunity to choose from one width or a combination of different widths – the choice is yours!

Logs End can supply hardwood flooring in a multitude of grades and species, our most popular offerings being Pine, White Oak and Red Oak, and the stunning Yellow Birch. Other species for your consideration include Walnut, Hickory, in addition to Engineered Hardwood Flooring.

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