Clearly upcycled and reclaimed wood is trending this spring, as the Logs End team has been fielding plenty of calls. Many of you are seeking funky or aged materials for building projects: from bathrooms counters to bedrooms walls to living room mantles and beams. However, one call took us by surprise last week, as it was a first (for us, at least!). The request was for varied planks or flooring ends, to make a reclaimed wood picnic table. After helping our client source their materials, we quickly turned to Google to see what others have been creating with scraps of reclaimed wood. The imagination at play is amazing!

Off the top, we found this recent post from @Tim_Mrvl – a handcrafted picnic dining table. Creativity and beauty, all-in-one! 

Next week, we uncovered the winner of an Instructable contest – the DIY Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table. Quite frankly, the varied tones catch the eye and would make for a vibrant backyard addition.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

If you run a quick search on ” reclaimed wood picnic table”, you are sure to come across a wealth of ideas, inspiration and step-by-step guidance for the DIY lovers. If you have or will be tackling a similar project this spring or summer, be sure to connect with the team at Logs End. We love being able to help crafters bring their designs to life!