The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive beetle. While many find the beetle beautiful (children especially love its shimmering metallic look), it is highly destructive and has led to the downfall of all species of ash trees. In Canada, and North America as a whole, the emerald ash borer has killed millions of trees.

ash borer ottawa reclaimed woodAsh trees have long since been an important part of Canada’s landscape. Various species can be found in urban settings, city parks, rural properties, woodlots, and in forests across the country. Not only do ash trees play an important part of our ecosystem, but its strength and resilience makes it a prized material in the building of sports equipment, guitars, furniture, hardwood floors and other solid wood products.

While the emerald ash borer continues its destruction, many woodworking enthusiasts are doing their part to see the deadwood transformed into works of art. While their efforts will not restore the lost trees, it is positive step towards giving the ash tree a new lease on life. One such artisan if Jayson from Ottawa Hardwood. If you do not follow him on Instagram or Facebook, the Logs End team encourages you to do so. This month, you will be able to follow along as he takes lumber from ash and turns it into a monster dining room table.