Discover The Bayport Project

Looking for inspiration for your next home renovation or design project? Look no further than The Bayport Project! This stunning space has been brought to life by the talented teams at Sunshine Build and Design and Kiss Design Group, featuring the timeless beauty of Logs End Red Oak.

Red Oak: A Classic Choice
Red Oak is a classic choice for those seeking a flooring solution that combines stability, durability, and warmth. The wood’s unique characteristics offer a visual feast of golden and reddish tones from its heartwood, complemented by the lighter hues of its sapwood.

One of the standout features of Red Oak is its distinctive grain pattern. Unlike some hardwoods that have a more uniform appearance, Red Oak’s grain is free-form with delightful swirls and variations, giving each plank its own character. This unique grain pattern adds depth and texture to the flooring, making it a captivating element in any room.

FUN FACT: Despite its name, Red Oak doesn’t produce red-coloured hardwood floors. The name “red oak” actually comes from the tree’s leaves, which turn bright red in the fall. The wood itself has a subtle red tint that adds to its charm without overpowering the room’s aesthetic.

The Bayport Project
In The Bayport Project, the Logs End Red Oak flooring and staircase serve as the perfect foundation for a warm and inviting space. The stability and durability of Red Oak ensure that these beautiful floors will stand the test of time, while their rich tones and intricate grain add an element of sophistication and charm.

Ready to Transform Your Space?
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