Hickory is a beautiful hardwood that is incredibly durable and resistant to every day wear and tear. It is known for being exceptionally heavy, hard and strong, with a unique course texture and straight grain pattern. Ranked as 45% more durable than Red Oak, hickory offers a resistance to common dents and scratches; making the wood highly desirable as flooring in high-traffic homes and commerical settings.

Hickory Makes Bold Statement in Chapel Hill Home

Logs End recently supplied 4¼” Solid Hickory, pre-finished with the Walnut stain, for a residence in Ottawa’s East End neighbourhood of Chapel Hill. On this project, Eugene (Owner, Micel Flooring) did a custom build on the staircase and railings with a colour match to the newly laid hickory floor.

Hickory Fast Facts

  1. Hickory is the hardest wood indigenous to North America – which is why it’s used to make axe and hammer handles and baseball bats.
  2. Logs End’s Hickory is sourced from registered managed forests in Ontario and Quebec.

Logs End has a long-standing history of offering Canadians eco-friendly hardwood flooring and timber products. If you are considering wood floors in your next building or renovation project, our team would be happy to supply samples of river-reclaimed flooring. Connect with us to book your personal consultation or visit the Logs End Showroom at 66 Iber Road in Stittsville to discover first-hand the beauty of our reclaimed wood floors.