For Logs End client Angela Lemay, bringing history and natural elements into her home is a top priority. This busy mom has been working hard to create warm, cozy spaces where her family can enjoy much needed downtime … and some warmth on those cold winter nights!


Angela’s first project was a fireplace transformation. Some of you may recall our Spring 2018 post where we showcased her incredible before and after photos. While Angela could simply have done a clean and repaint of the fireplace brick, she opted instead for a major overhaul. 

While undertaking this project was time consuming (it required a plywood application before the stone and barn board could be applied), Angela took it one day at a time. We think the results speak for themselves!

Barn Board Accent Wall

Angela’s latest project sees her applying Logs End Barn Board to create a gorgeous accent wall. 

In this project, Angela started with a black flat matte pre-paint. She then laid out the wood to ensure the rustic character elements she loves, especially the knots, would be showcased when her furniture and electronics were returned to the space. As Angela wraps up the project, we wanted to showcase these photos will inspire other homeowners who are preparing for spring renovations and updates.

Logs End has a long-standing history of offering Canadians eco-friendly hardwood flooring and timber products. If you are considering wood floors in your next building or renovation project or want to use barn board as a focal feature, our team would be happy to supply samples of our reclaimed wood products. Connect with us to book your personal consultation or visit the Logs End Showroom at 66 Iber Road in Stittsville to discover first-hand the beauty of our reclaimed wood collections.