In case there was any doubt, the Logs End team is very passionate about reclaimed wood and eco-friendly products. Moreover, we are very fortunate to work with clients in Ottawa, the Valley and beyond, who share our views on the importance of going sustainable and green.

Over the last few months, we have been featuring @gosbeeshomesweethome beautiful new home on our Instagram feed. The posts have lead to so many people asking us not only about the homeowner’s flooring and finish choice, but also about where to buy the furniture and décor! Alas, here is the information you’ve been waiting for…


For this project, Jess selected the Logs End 7½” Engineered French Cut Oak in our Sandbanks Natural Oil finish. Oil finished floors, while relatively new to the North American market, have a long-standing tradition in Europe. We currently offer more than 16 colours in an easy-to-maintain matte finish – and we can also offer custom colours and colour matching!


Leclair Decor believes that every home deserves to be beautiful. Owned by an Ottawa-area husband and wife team, Leclair Decor is able to work collaboratively with homeowners to mix finishes and styles to create truly unique personal spaces. Furthermore, the entire Leclair Decor team makes every effort to recycle, compost and be good environmental stewards.

All furnishings and décor pictured are from Leclair Decor’s LD SHOPPE. That’s right – you can get designer curated furniture and décor directly from Ottawa’s premier design and decorating shop! You can shop in Ottawa at their two brick and mortar locations, or, you can purchase online at