Our September 2019 “Project of the Month” takes us to the home of Chris and Caitlin Neil. 

Chris and Caitlin have long been known as community builders. Over the years, they have actively volunteered, particularly on behalf of Roger Neilson House. Their love for Ottawa, a city that shows off its big city side while reminding everyone of its small-town roots, has always been key as to why they give back. After all, they are raising their children here in Canada’s capital!

Logs End French Cut Oak in Beach

Needless to say, it is fitting that the Neil family home would marry elements of the past with contemporary nods to the future. To this point, the team at Logs End was happy to help the family showcase Ottawa’s early history as a lumber town. The Neil home features our 7 ½” width plank French Cut Oak in the breathtaking “Beach” natural oil finish. 

Why a Natural Oil Finish? 

Many people are making the shift to natural oil floors, which are specifically designed to compliment the age-old European tradition of French Cut wood. Logs End uses 100% environmentally sustainable (containing 0 VOCs) and unlike standard polyurethanes, the finish can be easily touched up and repaired. Perfect for growing families, where wear, tear and traffic can be higher. 

Natural oil is unique, in that is bonds molecularly with the wood. Improved durability, not to mention a more beautiful aging process, allows the planks to showcase their natural patina.

Photos by MIV Photography