From L-R: Will Armitage, Armohr Farm; Jacob Black, Sarah Black, Claire Black, Rob Black, Logs End; Steve McCord, Logs End; Sheena Tubman, Shawville 4-H Club.

On the long weekend, Logs End attended the Shawville 4-H Club Steer Auction at the Expo Shawville Fair. We walked away with a great steer that was raised by Sheena Tubman.

An annual tradition, this fundraiser supports the education and future pursuits of young farmers in our community.

What is the 4-H Club

For more than 100 years, 4-H in Canada has given young people with a dream or interest (anything from photography to community gardens to raising cattle) the opportunity to develop their skills in a time-tested learning process we call “Learn To Do By Doing”.  4-H is an exciting organization for youth aged 6 to 25. 4-H members belong to a club, enroll in projects with other members and learn from the guidance of volunteer leaders.

The program has a focus on providing as much variety and choice to youth and adults as possible through a wide array of projects and activities at local, provincial, national and even international levels.  Through a commitment to service, 4-H has been strengthening their communities and providing opportunities for youth and adult leadership for decades.

The Quebec 4-H is a community based organization, which is dedicated to developing life skills such as leadership, cooperation, responsibility and independence for the rural youth of Quebec through achievement and skills development.