On Season 5, Episode 10 of CBC’s Still Standing television show, comic Jonny Harris visited Bristol, Québec. 

For years, Bristol had a reputation as a vacation destination, boasting a growing cottage community, a number of hotels and a legendary dancehall scene. Bristol also happens to be the home base for the Logs End operations. Gord Black, Founder and President of Logs End, was fortunate to give Jonny a tour of our mill and to show him how sunken 19th century logs can be turned into sustainable hardwood flooring. 

After the episode aired, we had so many people reach out to regale us with tales of their Logs End flooring. One family told us of the heartache of selling a home with their coveted reclaimed pine floors. Others were in awe of the effort required to raise each log. It sounds so simple… until you see what goes into bringing up the sunken pieces. Which is why when Lorie Lee Steiner reached out, we knew there was another story just waiting to be re-shared. 

Shiver Me Timbers

Back in 2009, Lorie wrote a 7 page article for The Country Connection Magazine. While we assumed Edition 57 was long gone (the magazine ceased publishing in July 2013), it turns out Lorie was able to supply us with a digital copy to share with our fans. Given so many of you have a love for history, we hope this look at Gillies Grove (the old-growth forest in Arnprior) and the Logs End story helps sparks joy about our rich Canadian history and what’s lurking in the murky depths of the Ottawa River.