logs end reclaimed wood custom hammer stampLogs End has a long-standing tradition of connecting clients with our Canadian heritage. By salvaging logs lost in the historic log drives on the Ottawa River and its tributaries, we can offer hardwood flooring comprised of long planks and ultra-wide boards that showcase a quality and beauty not seen since the old growth forests were cut down over 100 years ago.

With the growing emphasis on the green revolution in the construction industry, Logs End is honoured to have been one of the first flooring companies to offer environmentally friendly SmartWood Rediscovered Certified materials. It is estimated that for every log we salvage from the river bed, we are saving 1-3 living trees. As more homeowners and companies move to green building and sustainable development, the demand for wood flooring, panelling and cladding that suits tradition to modern décor continues to gain momentum.

Why Choose Reclaimed or Salvaged Hardwood Flooring?

To this day native trees are renowned for their elegant appearance. Planks are often clear and knot-free, boasting character and grain patterns not seen in new, young wood. The natural colours, textures and patterns of species like Eastern White Pine, Red Pine, Birch, Beech, Maple, Oak, Hemlock and Basswood can give your home or office a timeless appeal. Added offerings of engineered wood, hand-scraping and natural oil finishes only help to enhance the beauty of any wood species.

From bold floors to spectacular staircases to bathroom vanities to bedroom walls, the team at Logs End can help you find fun, functional and beautiful river-reclaimed and salved wood materials to your living spaces.

Choose Ontario Wood

large hardwood showroomIf you are exploring wood options for a new build, a home renovation or a commerical project, take time to explore the new resources from Ontario Wood. From lumber to flooring to woodwork, Ontario’s forests of the past continue to offer modern-day products that are diverse – just like the vast landscape and the soul of the trees from days gone by.

For more information about the Ontario Wood program, please visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/types-ontario-wood

Logs End Showroom in Ottawa

The Logs End showroom in Ottawa is part flooring gallery, part museum. With over 4500 square feet setup to mirror a home and office setting, customers will be awed at the ideas and inspiration. The showroom is open to the public from Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM and Saturdays 10AM-3PM. We also offer after hours appointments on request. 

The showroom is closed on Federal and Provincial holidays and the Saturdays prior to the holidays.

The Logs End showroom is located at 1520 Triole Street in Ottawa. To book an after hours appointment, please call 1-613-831-9333