Whether you are building or renovating, there are no shortages of great products on the market to make your house a home.

      Alder Val Thorrens

      Alder Val Thorrens

      At Logs End, we often hear from consumers who are seeking the “most durable”, “easy to clean”, “eco friendly”, hypoallergenic”, “pet friendly”, “child friendly” or “updatable” choice in hardwood flooring. In our opinion, you can not go wrong with traditional hardwood flooring, reclaimed hardwood flooring (wide plank flooring) or engineered hardwood flooring – but the choice comes down to more than just wood species and colour. By working with a reputable manufacturer or installer, you will be walked through a series of questions. From your lifestyle, to installation location, to décor goals, an industry professional can help you determine the best fit and present you with solutions suited to your budget.

      The team from Logs End recognizes the purchase and installation of wood flooring is a major decision and investment. If you live in the Ottawa or Gatineau region, we encourage a visit our our showroom. We love to share our passion for wood and happily provide education on all things hardwood: from selecting new floor to assistance with maintenance or even guidance on refinishing – our team is happy to help!

      Come visit the Logs End Showroom at 1520 Triole in Ottawa or request a visit to the Logs End Mill in Bristol Mines. For more information, contact us at >> https://www.logsend.com/contact.php