salt residueCanadian winters are notoriously long and harsh.  To combat the elements, many cities, towns and home owners depend on sand and salt as traction aids for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Sadly, these two products wreak havoc with hardwood floors.  At Logs End, we know cleaning your home during the winter months can be a chore.  To help reduce wet, slippery floors, sand scratches, and salt residue, here are some of our tricks and tips.

Clear Entrances
Regularly clearing freshly fallen snow and ice from outdoor entrances into your home is key.

Entrance Mats
The easiest way to prevent wet floors is to install quality mats at each entrance point.  Residential and commercial cleaning companies strongly recommend an entrance mat accommodate the first 4-6 steps into your home.  Enough space to enter, walk forward, and bend over to remove wet boots or shoes.  Remember to lift mats periodically, dry any trapped moisture, and allow the mat to air dry.  This helps reduce odours and mould growth.  Check out the highly rated L.L.Bean Waterhog Mats and Mudhog Mats.

Boot Tray
The boot tray is a winter essential for any home.  It provides the perfect spot to place snow covered, salt encrusted boots.  While most people think boot trays are eyesores, a wide variety of styles are readily available.  Check out these great options: Cabela’s Boot Tray, Viva Terra Rolling Boot Tray, Canadian Tire Mat & Tray Combo, Target Boot Tray.

Dust Mop & Sweep
Winter grit, typically sand and salt, can quickly spread from an entranceway throughout your home.  By keeping a dust mop or broom close to your entry points, you can frequently tidy up and keep your home looking spotless.

Neutral Floor Cleaners
Use a neutral floor cleaning solution to eliminate “white” stains on your hardwood floors.  Typically caused by wet boots and salt residue, you want to ensure any white stains are removed promptly.  Otherwise, your surface can be damaged and the finish may dull.  Professional cleaners recommend using a simple combination of vinegar and warm water.