An old Bavarian proverb reminds us, “The larger the planks, the richer the farmer.”  While many view wide plank flooring as suitable in farm homesteads, rustic cabins, and grand Victorian dames, this stunning floor covering is worthy of consideration in modern homes and contemporary condominiums.

Initially manufactured from pine boards and remnants, wide plank flooring provided an economical alternative to strip flooring.  At the time, large old growth trees were abundant.  By laying wide plank flooring, the installation effort and sawing times were reduced.  In most cases, wide plank flooring denoted wood with a width in excess of 3 inches.

Over the years, wide plank flooring surged in popularity.  Home owners could select from every imaginable type of wood, be it hardwood or softwood, salvaged, reclaimed, pine, fir, exotic, and more.  Depending on the location and application, wide plank flooring was no longer limited at 3-4 inches in width.  Manufacturers and installers were laying floors with 5 inches to 15 inches in width.  In fact, there are documented examples of wide plank flooring projects with 20 inch widths.

It was these broad widths which captured the attention of modern-day homeowners and interior designs, proving flooring choices could reflect a need to be dramatic and awe-inspiring.  While wide plank flooring remains a minority in the diverse flooring segment, it provides an aesthetic appeal like no other.

Whether you are considering an overhaul of your existing flooring solution or want to explore wide plank flooring options in a new home, Logs End can provide advice and guidance as you navigate the myriad of choices.  As specialists in river reclaimed wood, we also offer new green wood and engineered wood solutions.  Above grade, below grade, over concrete or radiant heat, the team at Logs End will look at all the factors and custom craft floors you can live on.

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