In early September, Heather Lang, Councillor for the Township of McNab/Braeside visited the Logs End mill in Bristol Mines. 

Visited Logs End at Bristol Mines yesterday morning (Andy Kalnins came along) to meet Gord Black. Gord is donating a few stamped logs end for the feature wall in our new municipal building. We’ll be featuring stamped log ends from logs belonging to both Gillies and McLachlan Bros. Below are some ends just salvaged from a recent diving expedition, plus a JR Booth stamp.

I am looking for anyone who worked at Gillies who had an actual Gillies stamp and is willing to donate the stamp to the Township. We would like to showcase it along with the log ends in our lobby.

And, in the hallways entering the council chambers, we will be creating a photo essay of agricultural and logging practices, with the help of the Arnprior and McNab Braeside Archives!

I so love working on these types of projects on behalf of the township, as your councillor. It is important to pay homage to our past, and in doing so, we instill pride.

We are reaching out to our followers, in the hopes someone has a Gillies stamp and might be willing to donate it to the Township’s project. It will hang proudly in the lobby, alongside the stamped log ends recovered from the Ottawa River.

To connect with Heather Lang, please visit her Facebook page or call (613) 622-5649