The “think globally, act locally” slogan has been around for years. It serves as a reminder that instead of waiting for major corporations and organizations to fix the world around us, we all have the power to implement environmentally conscious solutions into our daily lives.

At Logs End, we have a long-standing commitment to the environment. Many of our flooring collections start as submerged logs from rivers, lakes and streams that were roadways during the logging era. Our professional team of environmentally friendly scuba divers carefully secure each log to the boat by hand. This personal attention to detail helps Logs End avoid the more environmentally damaging type of dragging on the river bottom that commonly occurs with machine removal of logs.

Several studies indicate that log salvaging is environmentally beneficial, and Michael Robertson, of the British Columbia Conservation Data Centre (CDC), has stated that, “underwater logging has increased the nutrients in the water, actually providing a benefit to marine life.”

In its study of log salvage operations on the Saint John River, the New Brunswick Department of Fisheries and Oceans determined that lost logs cause two problems:

  • Some trees actually emit toxins into the water that are harmful to fish.
  • Logs on the riverbed are constantly moving, which contributes to erosion and sediment relocation.

Careful underwater logging – like the kind Logs End practices – helps eliminate both of these problems.

In addition to our river-reclaimed products, we also offer eco-friendly and non-toxic flooring that is sustainably harvested or contains recycled materials. At the end of the day, we believe that choices — like selecting flooring for a home — do matter.

If you are planning ahead for a new project, think local for your hardwood flooring. Not only will you be greeted by happy smiles from the Logs End business owners (and the amazing team members of all ages!), but you can also rest assured that shopping local supports families, and the greater community-at-large.