We know many of our followers love seeing historical photos and learning about the past. This week, instead of a typical #tbt post, we wanted to encourage locals and visitors heading to Winterlude activities to consider an excursion to the Canadian Museum of History⁣

Located on the banks of the Ottawa River, where at one time huge rafts of logs piloted by lumbermen came crashing through the rapids, this museum is home to many incredible exhibits, including the Canadian History Hall. ⁣

Divided into three galleries, each focusing on a separate era of Canadian history, this Hall presents 18 significant and engaging stories that illuminate the richness and diversity of the Canadian experience. ⁣

Our favourite part? The beautiful “At The Edge of the Forest” section. If you end up going for a visit, we’d love to know what area(s) in the exhibit captured your interest. ⁣

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Scow on the Athabasca River, Alberta, 1908.

Canadian Museum of History, Agnes Deans Cameron Collection, S2004-998 LS