For many homeowners, hardwood floors are synonymous with richness, beauty and character. From classic to contemporary installations, wood floors are renowned for withstanding a lifetime of wear and tear.

At Logs End, we believe shopping for hardwood flooring should be enriching and enjoyable. Our unique, home inspired showroom is setup to display the wide variety of modern-day, environmentally friendly wood products. From our river reclaimed Heritage Collection, to a vast selection of stains and finishes, here are some of the options you will explore when shopping for your new floor covering.

Wood Species

hardwood flooring wood species Logs EndWood species vary in durability, colour, and grain patterns. Pine is the softest, yet prized for its rustic appeal and ability to hold the darkest of stains. Birch is valued for its lightness as a natural wood. Oak, maple and cherry are popular for their hardness and rich patinas. Exotic wood species including mahogany and Brazilian cherry are award-winning due to their remarkable appearance.

Board Widths

There is no shortage of options for board widths. The traditional narrow strip remains a sound choice, especially when the illusion of space is essential. In turn, wide planks are now being installed in cottages, urban homes, and modern condominiums. From rustic cabins, to family living, to formal spaces, the versatility of wide plank flooring is limitless.


Sleek and shiny, rustic, antiqued or rough-hewn texture. Whether inherent to the wood species or hand-scraped, hardwood floors can run the gamut from lustrous to naturally distressed.

Stains & Finishes

Gone are the days of restricted stain colours and finishes. Wood floors can range from natural to black, from blonde to cherry. Many homeowners still prefer site-finished hardwood floors, but manufacturers also offer commercially prefinished hardwood. Regardless of what option you choose, expect a floor rich in colour and lustre.

Hardwood versus Engineered

When exploring solid hardwood versus engineered flooring, consider your household type (quiet, high traffic, children, pets) and environmental factors (heating sources, air conditioning, humidity control).

Solid hardwood is a natural material. Planks are milled from single pieces of lumber. Designed to last for decades, the planks can be sanded and refinished. Solid wood floors are susceptible to changes in your home environment, specifically humidity and temperature.

Engineered hardwood is manufactured by bonding layers of wood, typically in cross-grain construction. Popular in basements, kitchens and bathrooms, engineered hardwood can withstand higher levels of humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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