Anybody who’s read an interior design magazine recently will realize how popular shabby chic flooring has become. It’s not just the flooring either, it’s the shabby chic style in general. An office kitted out in the designer fashion style is 2014’s must-have accessory. Any home displaying a shabby chic theme not only looks incredibly modern and relevant, but also looks endearing and full of charm.

Shabby chic flooring is what makes a home what it is. Finished in a white coat, or with a tiled effect, this type of flooring can compliment any type of furniture or system of décor.

If you’re remodelling, you’ve got to give this design theme serious, serious consideration. For one, it’s more than just fashionable, it’s versatile. is a site that allows you to check what flooring types are hot, and what flooring types will suit your current furniture collection. It’s a site that lets you decide which type of shabby chic flooring you feel communicates your personality best. Because there are a lot of options out there.

Do you want chic wooden floors? That’s possible. Laminate chic flooring? No problem. Painted flooring? Terrific. You just need to ask yourself; what’s my favorite type of flooring?

Cost effective solutions are possible. They really are. Fashionable items usually come at a premium, but here it’s not necessarily so. Search for a style and a price that suit you. Both are possible to find. Getting the rustic look you desire doesn’t have to break the bank. You can choose cheaper chic flooring options and use your own creativity to bring your floor to life. Floor stencilling, designer rugs, even artistic designs can all bring out the natural charisma of your floor.

Actually a shabby chic flooring design allows you to save in other areas. Because of it’s rustic look, vintage or second hand furniture will look a dream with your floorboards. If you’ve gone for a coloured variety, take a look second hand stores or markets. Certain types of furniture that may not suit the homes of others may look incredible in yours.

There’s a whole host of value to be had, and a whole lot of creativity that’s yours to enjoy. That’s why everybody loves shabby chic flooring right now ladies and gents. It’s here to stay.

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