Selecting hardwood floors may seem like a simple decision, but as many homeowners discover, it involves a variety of different factors.  If not properly thought out, you can end up with a less than stellar layout, a botched installation, or even the wrong wood choice or colour.  If you are considering the move to hardwood floors, especially wide plank flooring, here are some considerations.

Selecting Hardwood Floors – Project Size

As you begin your search for the right hardwood flooring, it is important to know the size of your project. Wide plank flooring is often described as flooring with floor boards that have a width of five inches or more. Knowing the size of the room where you intend to place such flooring is key to estimating how much flooring you will require. When visiting showrooms, it is wise to carry a floor plan or a square footage estimate. This helps the sales team determine your project size, and assist with width sizing recommendations. Bringing photos, fabric swatches, and paint chips is also beneficial, as you can better explore the colour spectrum.

Selecting Hardwood Floors – Wood Species

Take time to learn about the various wood species and their unique properties. With a large variety of soft, hard or exotic woods available to consumers, there is a wood type to suit every décor and in-home traffic. For example, a family with pets would be wise to select a floor capable of withstanding considerable wear and tear. Suggestions would include hardwood species like Ash, Red Oak, and Maple.

Selecting Hardwood Floors – Wood Grade

Often overlooked, but a valuable feature, is wood grade. Depending on the manufacturer, wood is graded based on it’s performance, appearance, and features. Typically manufacturers in Canada and the USA refer to wood grade as: Select, Natural or Premium.

Select grade refers to grades of wood offering a clear grain and almost no knots. Natural grade refers to wood boasting natural character markings including bark pockets or knots. Premium grade wood often refers to wood ranked between the two aforementioned grades.

Selecting Hardwood Floors – Your Home

While project size, wood species and wood grade all play important roles in selecting hardwood floors, the ultimate deciding factor is your home. Do you want to dazzle visitors with impressive wide planks? Would you prefer to create a cozy, inviting home? Perhaps you want a floor prepared to handle highly active family members. Whatever your guiding factor, Logs End can assure you there is a hardwood flooring solution for every house and home.