christmas tree stand floor protectorNothing heralds the arrival of Christmas like a fresh cut tree.  From the fragrant scent to the soft downy needles, the Christmas tree is a sign of good spirit and hope for things to come.

Every year, the team at Logs End is asked for tips on protecting hardwood and engineered floors from fresh Christmas trees.  Our clients worry about sap stains and water damage, and how to avoid surfaces scratches.  By employing a few simple tips, you can safely furnish your home with fresh, festive cheer.

Preparing for the Tree
Before bringing home your Tannenbaum, prepare your chosen display location and ensure you have enough room to maneuver the tree into place.  Also take the time to prepare a protective covering for your floor.  There are countless commercial options available, including Santa’s SolutionSanta’s Drymate Mat, and Tree-sorb.  DIY lovers might prefer to make their own protective floor covering: Fold an old blanket or sheet into quarters.  Cover with a plastic or vinyl-coated table cloth.  Place Christmas tree stand on top.

Shake Your Tree
Tree farms shake a freshly cut tree, to remove dead needles from the core.  Store bought trees should be thumped and shaken before entering your home.  Your goal is to ensure loose needles are not tracked across your hardwood floors, and trampled underneath your feet.  To reduce needle drop as you move the tree, consider placing a folded towel or bath mat underneath the tree trunk.  This will help you slide your tree to the chosen location.

Install Your Tree
Place your tree into the tree stand, secure, and slowly fill the water reservoir.  Sweep up any needles from under the tree, and proceed to place a tree skirt on top of your protective blankets or mat solutions.  Get your lights installed, and decorate!

Tree Removal
Winding down from the festivities does not have to be a chore.  Remove all ornaments and lights.  Wrap your tree in a plastic tree bag, or use old blankets and sheets.  This helps prevent needles and sap from landing on your hardwood floors.  Remove your tree skirt.  Place a towel, on the floor, beside your tree stand.  Lift tree from the water reservoir, and place directly on the towel.  Either drag your tree or carry outside.  Immediately sweep up fallen needless.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
On behalf of the team at Logs End, we hope these tips help you and your family enjoy the beauty of a fresh-cut Christmas tree.  Have a wonderful Christmas and festive season, and all the best in 2015!