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5 Reasons to Explore Engineered Hardwood Flooring

With so many flooring choices available today, there are many options to consider when looking for new flooring. With the increasing demand of engineered flooring, let’s explore the benefits of this product.

Under adverse conditions, solid floors can warp, swell or split. Engineered flooring overcomes these issues by adding a multi-ply plank which counteracts twisting and remains flat and intact.

Essentially, engineered flooring can be placed on just about any surface. Unlike, solid hardwood flooring, engineered flooring can be placed directly over a concrete floor whether it is below or above grade. Another benefit is the ability to place over a radiant heat source.

Engineered floors have a higher resistance to moisture versus solid hardwood flooring. Meaning, the planks won’t expand or contract when there is a change in humidity levels. This appeals to buildings that are in high humidity areas or building that don’t have air conditioning.

If your looking for a sustainable product, engineered flooring tends to be the better option. Especially, if you are looking at an exotic wood. The exotic wood goes much further when you only need a 6 mm width plank versus a 3/4″ plank. But, don’t let that fool you, it’s the same quality of wood just less is needed.

An engineered floor is a lifetime floor. The longevity of an engineered floor is equivalent to that of a solid hardwood floor. They also have the ability to be sanded down and refinished if desired — increasing the life of the floor.

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