Houses and buildings were designed to provide shelter from outdoor elements. Over time, personal comfort became a driving factor. First, it was the fascination with heating. After World War II, air conditioning became the widespread interest. According to old catalogues, air conditioning was the solution to seasonal heat and humidity. It could control humidity by increasing or decreasing moisture levels, control temperature by cooling the air, control air circulation and ventilation, and finally cleanse the air via filtering.

In recent years, heating, cooling and refrigeration engineers have reexamined the initial goals of air conditioning. Their focus was to better control humidity in houses and buildings. These engineers determined acceptable ranges of indoor conditions. The recommended temperature range is 20-24 degrees Celcius (70-75 degrees Fahrenheit), and 30-50 percent relative humidity.

How do these figures relate to wood floors? Wood flooring is a natural product, and will expand and contract throughout the four seasons. Professionally and DIY installed wood floors may experience board separation at different times of the year. To limit the amount of expansion and contraction, monitoring relative humidity is essential.

Quality wood flooring manufacturers, like Logs End, typically offer structural and manufacturing warranties. In most cases, in-home temperature and humidity plays a role in your warranty coverage. In order to protect your luxurious wood floor, and solid wood furniture, here are some quick tips.

1. Try to establish and maintain a year-round, whole home temperature of 18-22°C.
2. Use a digital hygrometer to monitor relative humidity, ensuring the levels are kept in the recommended 40-50 percent range.
3. Invest in a humidifier and/or dehumidifier. Most modern models include electronic climate controls, which monitor room temperature and moisture levels.

When it comes to hard wood flooring, a consistent and stable indoor environment is key. Safeguard your flooring choice by investing in the tools necessary to maintain a healthy home environment. Reputable dealers and installers have experience creating the right atmosphere, and are wonderful sources whether you are new to or have existing wide-plank, hardwood or engineered floor coverings.

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