While the quarantine certainly changed the work dynamic, so too did video chat technology, the gig/side-hustle economy and flexible company policies. In the past few months, we have worked with many people who are trying to revamp their indoors spaces to be more functional. What we’ve discovered is this: no matter where in the house you place an office or working space, a digital work-from-home environment works best when people are happy.

From the floor up, it is important to select materials and furnishings that spark joy. You want to wake up and be excited to “go to work”. Which is why our team is eager to help with the flooring elements.

From warm and cozy to light and bright, we’ve got flooring to suit any home office style. ⁣

Explore all the Logs End Collections on our website or connect with us at [email protected] to schedule an in-person appointment to visit our showroom. ⁣
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