history-rich wide plank flooringLooking for something unique to grace the floors in your home, condo or office? Consider installing history-rich wide plank flooring.  Regarded as the most popular flooring choice, wide plank flooring (also known as wideplank flooring) is manufactured from new-growth wood or beloved reclaimed wood.  Both sources of wide plank flooring are uniquely durable, offered in a range of lengths and widths, and are fully suitable for customization.

At Logs End, we pride ourselves on being Canada’s leading specialist of river-reclaimed, wide plank flooring.  Crafted from lumber felled generations ago, and preserved underwater, we take delight in watching our heritage come back to life.

Most clients who visit the Logs End showroom in Ottawa are astounded by the range of colours, characteristics, knots, and mineral streaks.  Some wood species offer a clean, modern look, while others showcase or can have their natural attributes highlighted.  History-rich wide plank flooring is guaranteed to enhance the look, feel and style of your home.

history-rich wide plank flooringIn choosing history-rich wide plank flooring for your home or office, rest assured you are choosing a product which positively benefits our environment.  We encourage you to learn more about the Logs End commitment to the environment, and the Canadian Green Building Council.

Bring the past into the present.  Discover the beauty of history-rich wide plank flooring.