Have you ever wondered why hickory flooring is so popular in high-traffic homes and offices?

Hickory is truly one of the most stunning options in hardwood flooring and has earned the reputation for being “the tough nut” in the wood industry. While not as stable as other wood species, hickory is a very hard wood. In fact, when compared on the Janka hardness scale, hickory is approximately 45% more durable than the popular Red Oak! Naturally, it should come as no surprise that the hardness and durability factor make hickory very popular in high-traffic home and offices.

Outside of being a very hard, dense and durable flooring choice, hickory offers unique characteristics. The grain is very tight, and while there is a grainy element, it is no where near as intensive as oak. Hickory boasts an amazing colour palette, thanks to its whiter sapwood. In fact, hickory takes oil and stain so beautifully that the colour range is outstanding across all applications.

While solid hickory does need to be installed in a stable environment, Logs End proudly offers Engineered Hickory for those who struggle to maintain the relative humidity in a home or office. Do not let stability conditions hold you back from installing a hickory floor.

Logs End’s Hickory is sourced from registered managed forests in Ontario and Quebec.

For more information about Logs End Hickory Hardwood Flooring, including available widths, thickness and lengths, please visit our website, contact us, or come visit the Logs End showroom in Ottawa.