Harrop House Logs End Hardwood Softwood Flooring Like any farmhouse with a rich history, a renovation project is guaranteed to have its many ups and downs. Owners Kristie, Andrew and their beloved four-legged friend, Mikka, are clearly on task and wholeheartedly committed to their end goal: a life on the water, with mountains in the background, and no shortage of adventures.

Canadian History Underfoot

I never thought I could be so excited about floors. We just received our sample in the mail from Ottawa. We are in love. We have been looking for along time. Ideally we wanted reclaimed floors but usually they are so expensive and we couldn’t save the old floors in the house. These floors have a cool story. The pine is over 100 years old from the bottom of the Ottawa river. This company specializes in retrieving them from a time of logging down the river. Yes pine which will dent beautifully and fit right in! I was born and raised in Ottawa so how perfect that we have a piece of Ottawa history welcomed in our farmhouse style home.

Harrop House Logs End Hardwood Softwood FlooringThe team at Logs End has been following Kristie and Andrew’s journey via Instagram. One might say it is because our reclaimed wood is making an appearance in their home. The reality? We relish the fact they are so committed to salvaging, repurposing and renewing with original materials to maintain the history and character. A perfect example was the massive undertaking to revamp and restore the staircase – an unreal effort and what an outcome!

To learn more about Kristie, Andrew and Mikka, we urge you to read their story. If you love old homesteads, reclaimed wood or anything in-between, we promise you won’t be disappointed. www.harrophouse.com