Looking to add character and depth to your home? Consider installing or updating hardwood floors. Each wood species used in wood flooring has their own unique traits and qualities.

When exploring the various types of hardwood offered by Logs End, here are some of the attributes our customers discover.

Soft, compared to other wood species
Great for rustic applications
Popular as a cottage floor covering
Considerable knots
Mineralization streaks
Can hold very dark stains
Logs End “Reclaimed Product”

Slightly harder than pine; more durable
Natural birch is light in colour, but can be stained any shade
Popular in contemporarily styled homes, condominiums, and offices
Logs End Select Grade is considered very fine, with few knots
Logs End Mill Run Grade boasts more character and knots
Logs End “Reclaimed Product”

Hard wood, very durable
Renowned worldwide for its high traffic wear and tear
Celebrated for long grain patterns and coarse texture
Rich in red tones, warm patina
Natural oak is light in colour, but can be stained any shade
Logs End Select Grade is considered more refined, with fewer knots
Logs End Mill Run Grade is rich in knots, patterns, and coarser texture
Logs End “Reclaimed Product”

Hardest wood indigenous to North America
Very durable
Luxurious appeal and character
Less grain patterns than oak, slightly more than birch
Susceptible to cupping; controlled humidity and temperature levels essential
Does not support radiant heat on subfloor
Most recommended wood species to consider as engineered hardwood

Upscale hardwood
Burly grained patterns, awe inspiring colour and appeal
Highly stable, suitable for home with humidity variations
Popular in traditional to eclectic settings
Over time, walnut develops a lustrous patina
Prone to denting and scratches