The market demand for hardwood flooring has increased over the years. Many residential and commercial properties are enhanced by the countless options. From a lengthy list of wood species, to unique grain characteristics, even hardwood flooring type is no longer an easily determined choice.

If you are shopping for a new floor covering, selecting your hardwood flooring type is typically the first consideration.

Hardwood Flooring Planks

Often described as luxurious and dramatic, wide plank flooring is renowned for showcasing its rich history, grain patterns, and natural beauty. If you are seeking an environmentally friendly hardwood floor, River-recovered pine, yellow birch, red oak, and white oak are exceptional plank offerings.

Quality planks are typically a full ¾” thick, and range in widths of 3” to 9”. Lengths vary by manufacturer. At Logs End, our standards are 2’ to 8’, but we cut custom lengths on request.

Strip Hardwood Flooring

Commonly available as solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, these smaller, thinner strips act like chameleons. Depending on wood species, stain and finish, the final product can range from a rustic to modern appeal.

Typically marketed as 3” or less in width, thickness can differ by manufacturer. In contrast to wide plank flooring, strip hardwood flooring can be more time-consuming to install.

Parquet Flooring

In the last few years, parquet flooring has made an astonishing comeback. On Houzz alone, there are more than 450,000 examples of modern-day parquet installations from which to draw inspiration.

Parquet is typically a hardwood tile assembled from narrow strips hardwood. The patterns span from simple squares, to the more complex herringbone, lozenge, maple, stars, and medallions. Parquetry can also be completed on-site, but the costs can be prohibitive. If you are seeking a distinctive geometric or angular show-piece floor, parquet flooring is worth exploring.

Your Floors, Limitless Choices

Regardless of what hardwood flooring type you select, rest assured your choice will bring you a lifetime of beauty and quality.

Questions about selecting the right hardwood floor? Concerns with existing hardwood installed in your home or business? Contact the experts at Logs End for tips and advice. Please stop by our showroom at 66 Iber Road in Stittsville, or visit our website at