Hardwood Flooring in the KitchenClassic and enduring, and considered the ultimate floor covering, hardwood never goes out of style. The warm, rich, natural charm of wood lends itself beautifully to kitchen installations. This week, the team at Logs End shares our thoughts on installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen.


Typically, Logs End clients install hardwood flooring throughout a home for a seamless, finished look. A truly durable flooring choice, the versatility in species, colours and finishes suit a wide variety of homeowners. As the years go by, hardwood can be refinished, freshly stained or even painted. When it comes to considerations regarding hardwood flooring in the kitchen, it all comes down to spills.

Let’s be honest, every kitchen is home to drips, leaks, splatters, dribbles and other accidents. Should you install hardwood, stick to the basics.
1. Spilled drinks should be wiped up immediately.
2. Never leave standing water on the floor. A leaky dishwasher should be pulled out, and the under counter area should be thoroughly dried.
3. Broken glass or plate? Safely pick up the larger pieces, and gently sweep the smaller pieces taking care to avoid scratches in your finish.
4. Be aware dropped knives or dishes can cause depressions, dents or scuffs.
5. If your kitchen is home to large windows, treatments to limit sunlight are recommended.

Hardwood Flooring in the KitchenFinally, one last piece of advice. Hardwood flooring may not be the most comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Foodies and devoted home-chefs may wish to invest in an anti-fatigue mat. Available at retailers across Canada, several Logs End clients swear by the models sold in-store and online at Costco.