canadian hardwood flooring - Logs EndIn a market filled with vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring, ceramic flooring, and other variants, why should you invest in Canadian hardwood flooring?

1. Hardwood flooring solutions bearing a “Made in Canada” label are recognized as a top-quality product. In fact, Canadian hardwood flooring has gained international popularity as a worthy, long-term investment.

2. Native tree species are indigenous to our Canadian climate, and are not considered endangered. As such, trees are a natural and renewable resource, critical to Canadian industry. Learn more about the Logs End green certified new growth collection, where our wood is harvested only from certified managed forests here:

3. By investing in Canadian hardwood flooring, you are helping reduce the illegal harvesting of exotic species from rain forests. Protect our planet, and delve deeper into where and how your hardwood flooring is being collected.

4. The Logs End Heritage Collection is made exclusively from river-recovered pine and hardwoods. Not only is this collection the most environmentally friendly Canadian hardwood flooring solution, but it boasts unsurpassed natural beauty, exceptional quality, and unique history. Added bonus: Canadian river-reclaimed wood is helping restore the eco-system at the bottom of our lakes and rivers. Learn more about Log Salvaging here:

5. By choosing Canadian hardwood flooring products, you are helping support Canadian families and contributing to our gross domestic product. Fact: Canada’s forest sector contributed $19.2 billion to our gross domestic product in 2013, directly employing an estimated 216,000 workers in all regions including Eastern Ontario. Learn more about Canada’s National Forest Week in this September 2014 article:

Logs End is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at 1520 Triole Street. We invite you to visit our showroom from Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. If you are not a resident of the National Capital Region, our river-reclaimed wood is distributed by premier wood flooring specialists across Canada.