Visitors to the Logs End showroom in Ottawa often ask “What is the best wood for hardwood floors?”

The reality is the best wood choice will vary from home to home.  This is due to colour, durability and grain.  When selecting the best wood for hardwood floors, it all comes down to your home and your lifestyle.  Here are some factors we use when considering the best wood for a flooring application.

Janka Hardness Scale
Wood is ranked on the Janka Hardness Scale via a controlled test.  It is an industry standard assessment, and can be used to review wood species and its corresponding suitability as hardwood flooring.  When reviewing the Janka Hardness Scale, any wood species with numbers lower than the Red Oak are prone to quick wear and are easily dented or notched.  However, the softer wood species boast a heritage look and charm as they age.  On the other end of the scale, we have dense and exotic hard woods.  Cherry, Maple and Oak have become very popular for their stunning grains and patinas, and hold up beautifully in high-traffic homes.  However, certain species may be difficult to install (due to hardness) or need properly controlled environments (balanced humidity).

Size & Scope
The project size or surface area plays an integral role in hardwood flooring selection.  We often ask about your current and long-term design goals, and what type of traffic the floor will handle.

1. Are you looking to impress or make a statement?
2. Do you have a colour or stain preference? How do you feel about grain patterns?
3. Are you trying to create a warm, cozy cottage feel in an urban home?
4. Will you be laying hardwood in the kitchen and/or bathroom?
5. Do you have an active family or pets.

One look at the Janka scale, and it is clear there are numerous wood species to consider.  This is why we strongly suggest working with a hardwood or wide plank flooring specialist.  The team at Logs End takes great pride in looking not only at your current household situation, but will consider long-term design changes or even impact on resale value.  If you’re on the hunt for the best wood for hardwood floors, let’s talk.  Call us at (613) 831-9333
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