Logs End has a long-standing history of offering Canadians eco-friendly hardwood flooring and timber products. In recent years, the team sought out new ways to address the growing demand for flooring finishes which do not pollute indoor air quality. After all, like paint, floor finishes can contain varying levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are known for causing a myriad of health problems, even years after a floor has been finished. Which is why in looking to our European neighbours, it became evident their love of natural oil finishes would quickly gain in popularity on the North American market.

Natural Oil Finishes

Natural oil finishes are produced from renewable resources including tung tree nuts (tung oil), safflower seeds (safflower oil) flax seeds (flax seed oil). Natural oil finishes on hardwood floors keep the aesthetic simple and natural, with a beautiful low-to-matte sheen. Over time, the natural oil will age with the floor – providing a rich, appealing appearance, where the grain and wood itself will be highlighted.

While a wood floor finished with a natural oil will lack the hardened coating typically associated with polyurethane, many people are surprised to discover that scratches and dents are less obvious and offensive. This is due to the fact the surface lacks the “shiny” or “glossy” appearance, which tend to act like a spotlight. In fact, should you want to address a blemish, natural oil finishes work to your advantage. Instead of having to strip the floor and reapply a finish, a natural oil floor can be spot finished/re-oiled. Want to freshen up a high traffic area? Natural oil finishes make this once cumbersome task a snap!

Granted a natural oil finish is not for everyone or every setting, but if you are seeking a natural look and feel – it’s work exploring the beauty of this incredible product.

When selecting a product from this unique Logs End collection, you can rest assured the river-reclaimed wood coupled with a natural oil finish will introduce far fewer man-made chemicals into your home or office air. At Logs End, our Natural Oil Hardwood Flooring Collection uses oils which are 70% plant-based and offer the lowest VOCs on the market. Available in 16 colours in a matte finish, we can also offer custom colours and colour matching.

Samples from the Logs End Natural Oil Collection are readily available. Please visit the Logs End showroom at 66 Iber Road or contact us at 1.613.831.9333 or by email at [email protected] for more information or to schedule a after-hours visit.