Studies have proven that log salvaging has an environmental benefit. In a report written by Michael Robertson, British Columbia Conservation Data Centre, it was noted that, “underwater logging has increased the nutrients in the water, actually providing a benefit to marine life.”

So why is log salvage a good idea for our waterways and natural environment?

  1. Some sunken trees emit toxins into the water. These toxins can be harmful to fish and other marine life.
  2. The riverbed is continually moving, as are the sunken logs. The more the logs move, the more they contribute to undesired erosion and sediment distribution.

At Logs End, our professional team of scuba divers hand-secures each and every logs to the boat by hand. So now you’re probably wonder why we invest such manual labour into the retrieval process? Bottom line – we do not want to cause river bed damage, which is what occurs when using a machine-removal process to raise sunken logs.

By using careful underwater log removal techniques – like the hand-surfacing method Logs End practices – we are not only salvaging logs… we are salvaging the environment.