earth day logs end hardwood flooringAt Logs End, we believe Earth Day should be every day.

Since 1997, Logs End has been salvaging logs lost in the historic log drives on the Ottawa River and its tributaries. Instead of using an invasive dragging technique to salvage logs from from the bottom of the rivers, lakes and streams, Logs End uses a highly dedicated team of professional scuba divers to hand raise and secure each log to the boat. This environmentally conscious method ensures we are honouring our natural environment. In addition, environmental analysts estimate 1 to 2 new growth living trees are being saved for every log we recover.

What Happens to the River Reclaimed Logs?

Each old growth log recovered is milled into dimensional lumber, hardwood flooring, paneling, posts, beams, and mouldings. The species the Logs End team has recovered includes Red Pine to Birch, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Beech, Hemlock and even Basswood – all wonderfully suited to residential and commerical clients.

We encourage you to learn more about our commitment to the environment and urge everyone to consider using eco-friendly products and sustainable practices when building or renovating. Together, we can build better communities and a better planet.