Our reclaimed pine wood
flooring is full of character
and provides timeless comfort.

Engineered Pine Finishes and Stains


River reclaimed pine is our well-established and popular pine flooring. You will receive a wood floor filled with variation. From beautiful knots to mineral streaking from a century spent in our waterways. Our old growth river reclaimed pine wows no matter the finish.

The River Reclaimed Pine is perfect for those who want to have the history and beauty of river-recovered pine in their home while maintaining a naturally character look.

Order wood samples of any of the finishes below. We will reimburse the cost of your hardwood samples if you decide to purchase your flooring from Logs End.


Reclaimed Engineered Pine – Unfinished & Pre-finished

Logs End – Engineered River Reclaimed Pine brings the best of all worlds to our reclaimed pine line. Our engineered pine is available in unfinished, pre-oiled and traditional prefinished.

Logs End – Engineered Reclaimed Pine flooring is designed to be installed all over the house. It’s warrantied for installation over concrete and radiant heating and is the ideal floor when compared to solid for wide planks in areas where humidity is less forgiving.

The pre-finished pine is finished with eight coats of aluminum oxide finish and is available in custom colours, with colour matching available. Stock colours include Natural, Sienna, and English Chestnut but there are no limitations on what we can do for you. All staining and finishing is completed at the manufacturing facility.

Traditional pre-finish option is only offered on the Engineered Pine collection, and is unavailable for the River Reclaimed Pine hardwood. Pre-finished option is available, however, on all other hardwood species.


Widths: 5” & 7”
Thickness: 3/4″
Wear Layer: 4mm
Lengths: 2′-10′