Ontario’s Eastern White Pine

      Did you know Canada’s provinces and territories have official or provincial tree emblems?  During an Arbour Week tour, many of the participants were shocked to discover our Arboreal Emblems.  As such, the team at Logs End thought a quick post of Canada’s trees was in order.

      Yukon (Official Tree) – Sub-alpine Fir

      British Columbia – Western Redcedar

      Alberta – Lodgepole Pine

      Saskatchewan – White Birch

      Manitoba – White Spruce

      Ontario – Eastern White Pine

      Quebec – Yellow Birch

      New Brunswick – Balsam Fir

      Nova Scotia – Red Spruce

      Newfoundland – Black Spruce

      Prince Edward Island – Northern Red Oak

      Northwest Territories (Official Tree) – Tamarack

      Nunavut – No Official Tree


      National Resources Canada
      NRC produces an annual report of the tree composition across Canada. The invaluable guides and maps are excellent resources for students, and adults alike, who are interested in learning more about Canada’s magnificent forests.

      Forest composition across Canada