Moved into your dream home, and want to properly care for the stunning hardwood floors?  Perhaps you just installed hardwood plank flooring, and need help protecting your investment?  Maintaining hardwood floors is easier than you think.  In this edition of the Logs End Rustic Reader, we share basic maintenance tips, along with some “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors – Regular Maintenance

The best advice any hardwood flooring company can supply: keep it clean. The better you care for your hardwood floors, the longer the surface will hold its beauty and finish lustre. Invest in a high quality broom, and ensure you sweep your floor daily to remove dust, dirt and debris. To reach between planks, in crevices and around baseboards, use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or utilize the vacuum wand. Several vacuum manufacturers also offer “hardwood flooring attachments” to facilitate the cleaning process.

In the event you have site finished or finish in place hardwood floors, a terry cloth or microfibre mop with swivel head can greatly aid in cleaning under cabinets, in recessed corners, and along baseboards.

Thanks to the widespread popularity of hardwood flooring, homeowners can purchase a wealth of professional grade cleaning agents. Many are eco-friendly, and are designed to help remove spills or stains without damaging your flooring finish.

NOTE: Every manufacturer, be it pre-finished or site finished, suggest specific products for maintaining hardwood floors. Follow their guidelines and instructions to ensure you do not void your warranty. In the event you are not familiar with the manufacturer, always test a cleaning agent in an obscure location (inside a closet).

Maintaining Hardwood Floors – Do’s and Don’ts

DO: Clean spills and minimize water exposure
DO: Damp mop your floors on a regular basis
DO: Remove food particles and sticky substances with a damp cloth or sponge
DO: Invest in professional cleaners designed to leave hardwood floors residue free

DON’T: Use wax on urethane finished hardwood floors
DON’T: Wet mop your floors
DON’T: Employ oil soaps or ammonia-based cleaners
DON’T: Use rubber-backed mats or rugs. They do not ventilate, and can damage your floor.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors – Tips

Direct Sunlight, Colour Loss or Shading: Like skin, hardwood flooring is susceptible to damage from sunlight exposure. To greatly reduce colour loss or shading, quality window treatments can minimize UV damage. We also recommend furniture and area rug rotation, to ensure your flooring ages uniformly.

Pets: To reduce dents and scratches, trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis. Ensure pet food and water bowls are not placed directly on a hardwood floor. Pet urine can cause discolouration, and must be wiped up immediately.

Scratch & Dent: To avoid scratches and dents, utilize furniture leg protectors. Always lift and carry.  Do not drag heavy objects across a hardwood floor. Finally, stiletto shoes can cause permanent dents and are not covered under a manufacturer warranty.

At Logs End, we want you to love your flooring.  Treat your hardwood floors with care, and we promise they will make a stunning addition to your home for years to come.