Logs End Cross Section Engineered Hardwood FloordingWith architectural and home décor magazines, television shows, newspaper articles and websites on the rise, it is now easier than ever to craft your dream home.  At the Logs End showroom in Ottawa, we truly enjoy the varied design inspirations our home owners share.  On any given day we can have requests for contemporary and sleek floors, to historical flair or shabby chic styling.

For the most part, we are able to bring these hardwood flooring dreams to life with our Logs End Heritage Collection.  Made from exclusive river-recovered pine and hardwoods (including red oak, white oak, and yellow birch), this environmentally friendly flooring offers unsurpassed beauty and quality.  However, there are some cases where we will strongly recommend a home owner consider engineered flooring over reclaimed hardwood flooring.  Why?

1. Engineered hardwood works well over radiant heating.

2. Engineered hardwood flooring installs well over concrete floors (condominiums)

3. Engineered hardwood allows 3 season cottage and county home owners to install wide planks without the expansion or contraction concerns (due to uncontrolled humidity).

4. Engineered hardwood is perfect for below grade applications (basements). Logs End produces engineered hardwood flooring with built-in Baltic Birch plywood underneath, which acts as a sub-floor.

Logs End Cross Section Engineered Hardwood FloordingAt Logs End, we know engineered flooring garnered a bad reputation due to formaldehyde glues.  It should be noted all Logs End engineered flooring is manufactured in Canada, with 100% formaldehyde free glue.  Our products surpass industry standards, do not off-gas, and our stains are formaldehyde-free.  In addition, every product in the Logs End Engineered Collection can be purchased prefinished or unfinished – talk about choice and versatility!

If you want to learn more about the differences between the Logs End Heritage Collection and the Logs End Engineered Collection, we urge you to visit our website or stop by our award-winning showroom at 1520 Triole Street in Ottawa.