Engineered wood flooring is composed of several layers, all bonded together.  And while the top layer on the Logs End Engineered Collection flooring can be refinished, it can not be done as many time as solid hardwood.  Therefore, to extend the life of your engineered hardwood floors, we strongly recommend regular care and maintenance

Caring for Engineered Hardwood Flooring

logs end alder wood engineered floor


Much like solid hardwood floors, engineered wood floors should be swept clean on a regular basis.  To reduce tracking and scratching caused by debris including sand, soil, salt and other abrasive particles, remind your family and guests to remove their shoes at the door.  All shoes, especially high heels and sports cleats, are known for puncturing, scuffing or scratching the surface and causing possible long-term damage.  If you have not already done so, consider investing in entryway mats, boot trays, and a small broom and dustpan you can keep near the entryway for quick clean ups.  

When a build of a dirt becomes obvious, look to a slightly damp mop for cleaning. Avoid the use of a soaking-wet mop, as it is never wise to drench any form of wood flooring.  Stick to simple and natural cleaning solutions, like vinegar and warm water, and avoid the harsh chemical cleaning or floor waxes.  

Need Help Caring for Engineered Wood Floors?

When it comes to protecting your hardwood flooring investment, never hesitate to ask questions.  Should you need assistance with your care and maintenance, please reach out to the team at Logs End.  We are happy to help clients in Ottawa, Ontario, and beyond!  Call us toll free at 1 (855) LOGS-END