Wide plank hardwood flooring and quality engineered hardwood flooring have garnered a reputation for being “luxury” products.  In reality, depending on the product, width and finishing options, both hardwood flooring options can be very cost competitive.

At Logs End, we are committed to being upfront about our pricing.  While there is a slight premium for wide planks cut from reclaimed wood, we always encourage our customers to shop around.  Review each product, compare its price and warranty.  As many of our clients have attested, once you start comparing, the attention and care put into every single plank of Logs End flooring becomes obvious.  We also aim to please our clients by offering custom widths and custom lengths, custom finishing options along with the guarantee every Logs End floor carries environmental benefits.

If you are budgeting for a home build or a renovation project, we urge you to come visit the Logs End showroom in Ottawa.  We can discuss your design plans and needs while addressing ways to stay on budget.

Logs End’s award winning 4500 Sq.ft showroom is located at 1520 Triole Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The showroom is open to the public from Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM and Saturdays 10AM – 3PM. After hour appointments are available by request.  The showroom is closed on Federal and Provincial holidays and the Saturdays prior to the holidays.